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Universal color masterbatch and special color masterbatch

Universal color masterbatch and special color masterbatch

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Special color masterbatch: It is a color masterbone made of the same plastic as the carrier according to the plastic type specified by the user for the product. For example, PP color masterbatch and ABS color masterbatch respectively use PP and ABS as carriers. 

Universal color masterbatch: A resin (often a low melting point PE) is also used as a carrier, but it can be applied to the coloration of other resins than its carrier resin.  

The universal color masterbatch is relatively simple and convenient, but has many disadvantages. It is recommended that you use a special color masterbatch.  

Why are many companies not producing universal color masterbatches?

Most formal color masterbatch companies in the world generally do not produce universal color masterbatches.

There are many disadvantages to the universal color masterbatch. In fact, the general purpose of the universal color masterbatch is very narrow, and the technical indicators and economic benefits are also poor. The specific performance is as follows:

1. Poor predictability of coloring effect

The color masterbatch is used for coloring, and the pigment of the universal color masterbatch exhibits different colors in different plastics, so the coloring effect is less predictable.

2. Affect other properties of plastic products

In particular, it affects the strength, and the product is easily deformed and twisted, which is more obvious to engineering plastics.

3. Higher cost

In order to be 'universal', the universal color masterbatch often uses a higher heat-resistant grade of pigment, resulting in waste.

In addition to coloring, can the color masterbatch also have the functions of flame retardant, brightening, antistatic, anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet rays?

The color masterbatch can have several of these functions at the same time, if the factory asks for this.

Sometimes, although the customer does not ask for it, the color master company will advise the user to add some additives depending on the needs of the product, such as adding certain additives such as brighteners to the color masterbatch. Of course, this will increase the cost of the product.